I had a very pleasant first visit to Lakewood Smile Dental. As someone who moves around, I’ve had the ‘privilege’ to see 4 dentists over 10 years in Seattle, SF and New York City. This was my best experience.
Very friendly/caring staff all around, thorough explanations and high tech dental equipment. Prices were reasonable as well.
It may not be in the fanciest building or have a personal entertainment dental chair setup, but they checked all the boxes where it mattered. Thumbs up.


My wife and arrived in Tacoma on the evening of 8/3/15 from New England to spend several days in the Seattle-Tacoma area before a scheduled cruise to Alaska. After dinner, I noticed that one of my lower molars had been fractured (. . . but not during dinner).  Apparently it had been fractured for some time, but had never felt it before then.
Having some concern about whether the tooth would hold up until returning home, I called my dental insurance for a few dental providers that are in-network coverage.  From the 3 providers I was given,  I called Dr. Adam Yang’s office first and never needed to call any others, because he and his capable staff responded so kindly and immediately to my need by fitting me in to his busy schedule the next day.
After completing the initial exam and imaging, Dr. Yang made my wife and I very comfortable, by providing a couple of treatment options.  We decided to move forward with a BruxZir, solid zirconia crown, which required expediited coordination with the dental lab.  Dr Yang provided a temporary crown and assurance that the permanent crown would be available before we left on the cruise.
As it turned out, Dr. Yang placed the final crown on Saturday morning, on his regular day-off.  My wife and I are very pleased with the dental work that he and his lab completed, and very fortunate to have met a highly professional, experienced dentist on an emergency basis.
We are grateful to Dr. Yang and his staff at Lakewood Smile Dental and highly recommend their professional services to others.

  • Antonino D. from Ashland, Massachusetts ::: Yelp Review


Went to this dentistry for my right lower wisdom tooth extraction. Dr was very informative and explanatory. Fortunately, it only took about 3 minutes and I had no swollen jaw or post extraction pain. I am appointed to have another wisdom tooth extraction and am looking forward to. Will highly recommend this place for the dental dentistry.


Excellent customer service where you are treated as a human being. Really appreciated the care and concern that the hygienists and dentist showed during my last visit.